Sonlight Preschool

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Director's News Letter
September 2018

Dear Parents,
         We are finally getting our curriculum in and our teachers are excited about getting started with their lesson plans.  We are still waiting for some of our three year curriculum to arrive; however, we have all that we need to get started and hopefully the back ordered books will arrive soon. 

Please visit our website on a daily basis if possible to see what your child has been learning each day. The children love it when their parents  have an active part in their learning experience. When you talk with them about their daily activities you will be surprised at what they tell you and it makes them so happy that you know some of the things they were engaged in all day!  It will make learning more exciting and special to them.

Our monthly menus will be posted each month and you will be able to review this and let us know if there is anything we need to know about your child's diet . We encourage the children to try at least a bite of the foods that are prepared for them but we do not require them to eat it if they don't like a certain food.   

I would also like to encourage each parent to maintain an open line of communication with their child's teacher to let her know of any concerns you might have about their learning experience.  When parents and teachers work together it ensures a better outcome in the child's development.

We are so blessed to have  so many new families with us this year and each of us look forward to a very productive year as we work along with you in the development of your child.  Early childhood is such a wonderful time in the lives of children and it is our desire and goal to make their experience at Sonlight a memorable one that will last for a lifetime!   

Thank you, Mrs. Betty Ingram