Sonlight Preschool

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Meet the Staff

Administrator - George Ingram

Welcome to our web site. I am glad you dropped by today! My name is George Ingram, and I am the Pastor of Sonlight Independent Church and the administrator of Sonlight Child Care Center.

We are excited and encouraged about the ministry we have to the children in our center. Each day the children are learning the things that prepare them for school, but more importantly they are learning Biblical principles that prepare them for life. It is a great blessing to walk through the center and hear the children reciting their Bible verses and singing their choruses. I know the things they are learning will remain with them as they continue through life and this should be a comfort to parents.

We thank you for allowing us to care for your child and I can assure you we will do our best to make sure each child receives the quality care you as a parent want them to have and the children deserve.

Please feel free to come by for a visit or call us at 910 215-5522 and please check out the director's, teachers', cooks' and part time teachers' . We have a great staff and they will keep you informed on all the happenings here at Sonlight.

Pastor George

Director- Betty Ingram    AAS Degree in Early Childhood Education

Our days at Sonlight are filled with fun, laughter, and joy as we work with the children in our care.  We feel that our ministry with the children is an extension of the home and we seek to foster a home like atmosphere each day.

Our competent teachers have their lesson plans and activities prepared and carry them out efficiently and in a timely manner.  Children learn and develop best in an environment that is relaxed and yet orderly.  When a child knows what to expect each day, he/she feels secure and is better able to participate in a group.  Our teachers seek to help each child to know he/she is a worthy member of the class and has many talents and gifts to contribute.

Our goal at Sonlight is to help each child reach their full potential in all areas of development  especially spiritual development; therefore, the Bible is taught on a daily basis as well as letters, numbers, phonics and other skills.  It is my firm belief that children whose feet are set on the right path while they are young will be our greatest asset for the future.  When children leave our center for kindergarten we want to know they have acquired skills that will assure positive outcomes for school and beyond and it is to that end we work each day.

Nealey Cagle- K2 Teacher

Nealey is our K2 teacher and has been here since 2015. Both her daughters have attended Sonlight. She enjoys reading to the kids and collecting as many Dr. Seuss books as possible.


Candice Ferguson- K3 Teacher
Candice has been working here since 2013 and started out as an Interim Teacher. In 2016 she became a full time teacher for the K3 room and has done a fantastic job with the children. She enjoys taking the kids outdoors and watching them explore.  She is a great blessing to the team.

Britney Grosskopf- K4  Teacher

Mrs. Britney is our new K4 Teacher. She comes with 14 years of child care experience and is working towards her Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education. Britney's favorite part of teaching is watching the children learn and blossom into great young minds. Britney lives with her husband and two children in Foxfire.